The trailer is home built for large loads and has been used regularly for nearly  four  years  at  the  time  of  writing,  primarily  for  rubbish  and  recycling  duties, used at first with a Lafree Twist Lite, and later with an eZee Quando II.
are made from a plastic dustbin lid, cut in half, then mitred and pop rivetted to a smaller radius to suit the wheels. The original plastic floor material is surrounded by a thin ply supplementary  floor,  with  self tapping screws onto  the rail undersides.    The photo at
the right shows the sort of bulky loads that are regularly carried.  Heavy items also, the body designed to carry an under counter fridge, large cabinet or folded double mattress, this transport carried out in my retirement for 54 neighbours who are out at work.  The Axa wheel lock on the Twist makes a very convenient "handbrake" on hills like this 14% one that's  outside  my  North  Downs  home.
The four sideposts are socket mounted and detachable the front ones with lips to support a bolster rail which enables items up to twelve feet long to be carried.  The step ladder being carried here is the type used  in  the  trailer  body  construction.
A detachable ball joint enables a second trailer to be towed at times when exceptional quantities need  to  be carried,  like  after Christmas  recycling  of  wrappings,  trees  etc.
The Quando is faster than the Twist, cutting the journey time by as much as 25%. Also, I'd call it the perfect choice for pulling a child trailer due to the much improved forward visibility for a child.
The trailer is constructed from alloy materials gained by stripping cheap step ladders, very light and easily cut and pop rivetted.  The body made in that way is mounted on a modified cheap trailer base bought from a cycle discount store. The internal mudguards