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This site is for the 24 and 26 volt units and does not cover the newer 36 volt series, though some information from here will still be relevant and the peformance enhancement section below has a 36 volt item included.  From the photographs and e-bike makes information below, identify which series unit your bike has fitted and only use  the  right  links  for  it.   The old  unit  ran  from  2001  to  2006,  the  new  unit  from  2007  onwards.
Old Type Unit - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
Unit information and repairs

Control switch repairs

Spares availability

NiMh battery replacement or cellpack replacement


Battery case repair
        Old Unit left hand side, used by
   older BikeTech Flyers,   Giant Lafree Twist/Lite and older Panasonic  e-bikes
New Type Unit - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
Unit and high speed "S" type unit information

Maintenance, Repairs and Modifications

Lithium Polymer battery

Charger Units
       New Unit left hand side, used by
BH, newer Biketec Flyers, Calvin, Gazelle, Gitane, Helkama, Kalkhoff, Kettler, KTM, Monark, Moover, newer Panasonic, Puch, Raleigh gmbh, Rixe,  Simplex,   Technium,   Victoria  et  al.
Both Units
How these units operate

Performance Enhancements

Over the years through my Lafree and Panasonic websites there has been feedback of additional snippets of information to add to this site from Panasonic unit users.  Therefore they are acknowledged here with my thanks for their contributions:

Alan Terrill,  Aldby,  d8ve, David Henshaw,  Emmanuel,  Erik,  Fecn,  JamesC,  Jos de Groot, Leonardo,  NRG,  Peter Henshaw,  Sav,  Sparky 5, Stephen Britt, Tillson,  William Morrison.
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